English Derby

English Greyhound Derby - 5th May to 4th June, 2016

We get ever closer to the start of the 2016 Greyhound Derby, which is set to light up Wimbledon stadium fora sparkling month of first rate greyhound racing, as a bumper field of top class four-bend performers head to Plough Lane to try and emulate Rio Quattro's sensational win in the 2015 competition.

Droopys Roddick ​and Jaytee Jet currently head the betting andare sure to prove popular in a market that is sure to take shape as we get closer to the end of May, while the likes of Ballymac Matt and Eden The Kid are just another couple of prominent figures in the ante-post market for this prestigious event.

Lenson Panda and Cloran Paddy are another duo in the higher echelons of the betting and could be primary challengers, but for now it's just left for punters to take note of the market, before we get set for a thrilling event which will star on Sky Sports in the latter part of the competition.


2016 Greyhound Derby Betting

Eden The Kid10-1088108
Jaytee Jet10-812101012
Jaytee Spartacus16-1412141614
Ballymac Matt16-1616161616
Droopys Roddick14-1414161414
Jaytee Dutch20-2020162016
Lenson Panda25-2025252525
Droopys Latina25-2533202025
Droopys Awesome33-2533332525
Barricane Bullet40-4040404040
Cloran Paddy40-3333332540
Domino Storm40-3333404033
Blue Cafu50-4033505050
Making Paper50-4050505040
Coolavanny Pat50-5050505050
Roxholme Barkley50-5050504040
Double Oh Seven66-5050505050
Diego Flight50-5040665050
Ballymac Brogan66-6666666666
Lenson Sanchez66-6666666666
Hiya Butt66-4050503350
Black Alder66-4050503350
Roswell Iceman66-6666665066
Peregrine Falcon66-4040665050
Lenson Rocky66-4033333340
Old Joe Golden50-6666665050
Ela Alecko66-4066506650
Stay Loose50-6650505066
Rio San Marino66-6680806666
Paradise Maverik50-5050806666
Calzaghe Billy66-8066808050
Bubbly Turbo100-100100100100100
Southfield Jock66-808010010066
Yassoo Martin100-100100100100100
Gyp Rosetti100-1006610066100
Kildallon Bruno66-66808010066
Pinpoint Boom100-668080100100
Shaneboy Freddie100-808010010066
Shutthe Backdoor80-100801006666
Teds Last100-6680806666
Bockos Alfie100-801005010080
Bramble Magpie100-10066666666
Brinkleys King100-6680506680
Dorotas tiger100-50100666650
Castell Henry66-100808010066
Imperial Express100-80806610080
Must Be Jack100-50100666666
Knockbrogan King100-80801006680
Ballymac Shirley100-100666610066
Crossfield Molly100-100666610066
Stay Lucky100-1008010010066
Calco Flyer80-100661008066
Boyneside Fun100-1001008010080
Starring Storm66-10080806666
Face The Blade100-100666610066
Fire Height Tosh100-1008080100100
Hot Pipe100-125100100100100
Holdem Chico80-1258010010080
Saffrons Boxer100-1001251006680
Ballymac Darragh125-125100100100100
Ballymac Lyster100-125100100100100
Droopys Turin100-125125100100125
On Alert150-125125150150150
Ebony Flyer150-12580150100125
Ginas Lad80-150100100100100
Clondoty Alex100-150100125150100
Queen Asia100-150100150150125
Coolavanny Slip150-80100100100100
Coolavanny Gold100-15015066100100
Newlawn Ned150-150150100150150
Tynwald Baz150-100100100100100
Millwards Whitey150-150150100100100
Romeo In Milan150-10010080100100
Jacks Drico150-10015066100100
Cork Falcon150-100801006666
Farloe Axle150-10012510080100
Farloe Cody150-1251008066100
Wonder Millie150-125150100100125
Swift Whirlwind100-200150150150150
Bubbly Bingo150-150150200200200
Kentish Duke100-200150150100150
Viking Jack100-20010020010080
Farran Smith200-200150150200150
Bubbly Torpedo150-200150150200150
Damson Jam200-100150200200150
My Real Mutley200-150150150100100
Pass To Go200-200125150150150
Blakes Turbo200-200150200200200
Be Up Front150-200150125100125
Droopys Ambition150-200150150100150
Droopys Astorish200-100200125200150
Ballymac Sinbad150-200200150-150
King Alley200-200100150150150
Westway Hawk200-100150100100150
Bang On Giles200-200150150100150
Charity Buster200-200200100125100
Ibiza Rocks200-200150150100100
Kereight Dodger200-150200125200150
Fizzypop Buddy200-200150150150150
Loughteen Eoin200-200150150100150
Tommys Shadows200-100150150150150
Deanridge Angel200-100200150150150
You Never Listen100-150100125150150
Sneezys Hero200-200250150200200
Ballymac Frano150-125100125-150
Oakfield Caesar-----250-
Ballymac Odowd250-200200200200200
Coolavanny Gooch150-250150125100150
Barricane Storm200-200150200150200
Express Master200-250150250200200
Lenson Santi150-250200150150150
Ballycannon Bob200-250200200250250
Bramble Ted250-250250200200200
Castledale Magic250-200250125150150
Teejays Panther250-250250250200200
Bockos Bolasie250-200150150150200
Roxholme Ted250-200150150100100
El Mystro250-200200200200100
Allen Wizard250-250250200200250
Bansha Rooskey300-300250250250250
Ceroc Grumpy300-250150200200200
MacS On Storm300-250200200200200
Clubber Lang300-250200200200200
Our Fin300-250150150200200
Noirs Allen300-250200250250250
Torphin Bluesky300-250200250250200
Southern Mccoy300-250250250250250
Honour And Glory300-250300200250250
Honour Jet300-250200200250200
Droopys Two300-250250250250250
Hovex Prince300-250250200200200
Lenson Walcott300-300200250-250
Sand Brier300-250200250200250
Solvitas Rocket300-250250250250250
Holdem Bernado500-300300250300150
Ninja Diva500-250300250250250
Ballymac Cathal500-300200250500250
Garryglas Droopy500-250200200300250
Knockraha Jet500-300500250250250
Deanridge Madbye200-300250250250300
Monty Don250-300200150200200
Quivers Camps200-250250200300300
Clonkeen Stanley300-250200200500250
Budgie Power500-300250250250300
Famias Hope500-300500250250250
Farneys Cookie500-250150500300250
Genuine Deejay500-500300300250300
Bevs Bandit500-500500500500500
Briar Hill500-250250250250250
Bubbly Cuba500-500500500500500
Bubbly Monarch500-500500500500500
Dragon Overlord500-400300500300400
Droopys Cambs500-500500500500500
Laughil Max500-500500500500500
Melodys George500-250500250250300
Melodys Winner500-500500500500500
Omega Kin500-250500300200250
Revilo Bob500-300400250250250
Revilo Fox500-250300300300300
Swabys Norah500-300500500500300
Sky Dancer750-300500500500300
Sizzlers Puma750-500400500-500
Trapper Jodie1000-7505001000500750
Killeacle Tig2000-1500100015005001000

English Derby History

Since it was established in 1927 the English Greyhound Derby is the toughest competition to win as the elite do battle over a gruelling qualifying process.

Originally run at White City until 1985, the Greyhound Derby now takes place at Wimbledon Stadium over a distance over 480 metres.

In a demanding competition, greyhounds will have to progress through several heats, before the top six remain and battle it out for Derby supremacy in the final.

The roll of honour lists such greats as Mick The Miller, who was a phenomenon back in the 1920s and more recently the likes of Rapid Ranger and Westmead Hawk have bagged the crown in consecutive years.

The undisputed champion of the current training crop is Charlie Lister, who bagged his sixth training crown with 2011 winner Taylors Sky, who set the track record of 28.17 seconds in the final, but that has since been beaten and Sidaz Jack landed the prize for Lister a year later.

With current sponsors William Hill boosting the win fund to a staggering 200,000 for the 2014 renewal, the English Greyhound Derby is certainly the most sought after competition in the greyhound calendar.

Past Winners

2000Rapid RangerWimbledon Stadium28.717/4 Fav
2001Rapid RangerWimbledon Stadium28.717/4
2002Allen GiftWimbledon Stadium29.0416/1
2003Farloe VerdictWimbledon Stadium29.1316/1
2004Droopys ScholesWimbledon Stadium28.627/2
2005Westmead HawkWimbledon Stadium28.565/4
2006Westmead HawkWimbledon Stadium28.444/7
2007Westmead LordWimbledon Stadium28.476/1
2008Loyal HonchoWimbledon Stadium28.605/2
2009Kinda ReadyWimbledon Stadium28.6525/1
2010Bandicoot TipokiWimbledon Stadium28.577/2
2011Taylors SkyWimbledon Stadium28.177/4Fav
2012Blonde SnapperWimbledon Stadium28.658/1
2013Sidaz JackWimbledon Stadium28.476/1
2014Salad DodgerWimbledon Stadium28.3816/1
2015Rio QuattroWimbledon Stadium28.245/1