English Derby

English Greyhound Derby - 1st May to 31st May

Pat Buckley's Mind The Net will head into Saturday's Greyhound Derby final on Sky Sports as the one they all have to beat as the classy performer will look to produce another exceptional performance to land the prestigious Wimbledon prize in what is shaped up to be an epic showpiece.

Crokers Champ has shown phenomenal early pace throughout the competition and he will look to ping the lids from trap one and try to bag an unassailable lead in the first half, but Mind The Net has shown that he can produce the goods off the back and he will be hoping that he can get a smooth path in the early exchanges and put on the burners down the back straight.

Those two dominate the betting, but the other quartet lining up ooze class and Droopys Ward showed when landing a shock win in the semi-final that he will be producing his best work late on and can't be discounted, whilst Salad Dodger is another who is a real strong running dog and should feature in the latter part of the event that stars on a card which also has the William Hill Champion Hurdle taking place.

Farloe Trent is the sole wide runner in the field and if he can manufacture his way round the first two bends then he will be a leading contender as they head into the second part of the contest, whilst Kincraig Rory will complete the line-up and is improving as the competition progresses and adds great depth to what will be a superb finale to a terrific competition.

Greyhound Derby Final Trap Draw

  1. Crokers Champ
  2. Salad Dodger
  3. Droopys Ward
  4. Mind The Net (m)
  5. Kincraig Rory (m)
  6. Farloe Trent (w)

Result 2014 - William Hill Greyhound Derby Final

Bruno Berwick's Salad Dodger caused a major shock in the final of the William Hill Greyhound Derby as the 16/1 shot reeled in the speedy Crokers Champ and fought off the battling Droopys Ward in a race that saw red-hot favourite Mind The Net fail to get a clear passage and was forced to settle for minor honours.

Salad Dodger broke well, but the pace of Irish raider Crokers Champ saw him push a length clear at the bend, but in behind the strong running duo of Berwick's raider and Droopys Ward always saw them as major dangers and turning for home Salad Dodger propelled to the front to land the £200,000 coveted prize at Wimbledon.

2015 Greyhound Derby Betting

Laughil Blake14101012121212
Droopys Nidge28202525202520
Newinn Yolo33332533332525
Swift Hoffman25402525333325
Belles Direction33---40--
Farloe Blitz3333-403340-
Airfield Paudie---3340--
Greenwell Hulk---334033-
Swift Keith50503350504033
Lenson Sanchez33505033505040
Rio Quattro50503350503333
Roxholme Ted50404050505050
Sidarian Blaze50333333404033
Ballymac Brogan5050----50
Mind The Net50503350505050
Skywalker Farloe50--50-50-
Farloe Calvin-----50-
Coolavanny Jap50---33--
Droopys Ward50506666506666
Crokers Champ50664050505050
Laughing Gravy40664040505050
Razldazl Oisin5066-505066-
Target Harris-50-50-50-
Bubbly Zeus506633-506640
Conna Trigger-506650666666
Maum Legend50666640664050
Emers Superstar50--50--33
Cashen Maureen5066-----
Vans Viking50--50-50-
Aero Nemesis50665050665050
Brick Lane---50-50-
Coolavanny List---506666-
Kisses For Cloda-66-66-66-
Sidaz Jack50--50-50-
Sidaz Pedro---506650-
Take The Crown-----6666
Tynwald Bish66666666666666
Leamaneigh Turbo----66--
Baile Mhic----66--
Beaming Bucko-50--5050-
Blonde Nipper6666-----
Curious Boy66--66---
Drumsna Turbo---66---
Gainstown Beaver66------
Jolly Rinzor----66--
Must Be Electric---66---
Pinpoint Maxi50------
Swift Seve---66---
Thirteen Bags5050--6666-
Droopys Norris50806666666666
Viking Jack66805066666680
Droopys Cortez-668066-6666
Fiery Splendour66806666666666
De Star Lord----80--
Neds Opinion66--66---
Jordans Brianna-66100-100--
King Dec-6610010010010066
Ballygibbon King100100100100100100100
Queen Asia6680-100100100-
Tyrur Tommy5050-----
Underground Paul-80-6680100-
Deanridge Pennys100-66100100100-
Paradise Silva66-66100100100-
Calzaghe George6610066661006666
Ballymac Gordie100------
Brother John100--100100100-
Bubbly Gold100--100100100-
Droopys Odell-10010066100100-
Farloe Trent---100-100-
Forest Gavin100100100100100100100
Ibiza Rocks666650-100-50
Metro Jack1001006610010010066
Lenson Tiggy661008010010010066
El Flutter----80--
El Pedro-100100100100100100
Touch Tackle-100-100100100-
Dolchino Flyer100------
Dragon Posse10010066-100100-
Lenson Jed-100-----
Mill Jolson66--66-100-
Millwards Whitey-100-----
Monroe Hondo-80-100100100-
Rafas Wee Man100--100---
Salacres Pele-100-----
Service Station----100--
Sneezys Balboa---100100--
Southfield Jock66-100----
Stop The World66---100--
Salad Dodger661251001006666100
Droopys Jarrow10080100100125100-
Thatchers Champ---100100100-
Skidroe Again66100-----
Sidarian Teejay-125100150150150-
Cabra Scooby-150-150---
Jaytee Hawaii-125150150150150-
Luminous Banner-----150-
Farloe Nutter-200100150200100-
Kincraig Rory-100-----
Bolshoi Booze200200200200200200-
Toosey Fern-500-----
Yaya Two Pints500--500---

English Derby History

Since it was established in 1927 the English Greyhound Derby is the toughest competition to win as the elite do battle over a gruelling qualifying process.

Originally run at White City until 1985, the Greyhound Derby now takes place at Wimbledon Stadium over a distance over 480 metres.

In a demanding competition, greyhounds will have to progress through several heats, before the top six remain and battle it out for Derby supremacy in the final.

The roll of honour lists such greats as Mick The Miller, who was a phenomenon back in the 1920s and more recently the likes of Rapid Ranger and Westmead Hawk have bagged the crown in consecutive years.

The undisputed champion of the current training crop is Charlie Lister, who bagged his sixth training crown with 2011 winner Taylors Sky, who set the track record of 28.17 seconds in the final, but that has since been beaten and Sidaz Jack landed the prize for Lister a year later.

With current sponsors William Hill boosting the win fund to a staggering £200,000 for the 2014 renewal, the English Greyhound Derby is certainly the most sought after competition in the greyhound calendar.

Past Winners

2000Rapid RangerWimbledon Stadium28.717/4 Fav
2001Rapid RangerWimbledon Stadium28.717/4
2002Allen GiftWimbledon Stadium29.0416/1
2003Farloe VerdictWimbledon Stadium29.1316/1
2004Droopys ScholesWimbledon Stadium28.627/2
2005Westmead HawkWimbledon Stadium28.565/4
2006Westmead HawkWimbledon Stadium28.444/7
2007Westmead LordWimbledon Stadium28.476/1
2008Loyal HonchoWimbledon Stadium28.605/2
2009Kinda ReadyWimbledon Stadium28.6525/1
2010Bandicoot TipokiWimbledon Stadium28.577/2
2011Taylors SkyWimbledon Stadium28.177/4Fav
2012Blonde SnapperWimbledon Stadium28.658/1
2013Sidaz JackWimbledon Stadium28.476/1