English Derby

English Greyhound Derby - 1st May to 31st May

Sidaz Jack was a sensational winner of the English Greyhound Derby last year to hand Charlie Lister his seventh win in the prestigious event and the classy performer is a prominent figure in the ante-post betting for the 2014 renewal that kicks off at Wimbledon on May 1, but a whole host of classy performers will do battle in the Plough Lane showpiece.

An army of Irish raiders are sure to litter the bumper entry list and Kereight King will look to build on last year's impressive Derby campaign and he is another who spearheads what is a fascinating betting market that will hot up as we venture further into the competition.

Lister will not only unleash last year's winner, but Sidarian Blaze will aim to shine in this year's competition and he oozes class when producing his best, whilst Swift Keith has shown some electric displays around Wimbledon and if he can ping the lids will be a major contender in this epic competition.

Others who feature in the higher echelons of the betting include Pay Freeze who continues to enhance his reputation as his career progresses, whilst the likes of Ballymac Vic and Holdem Spy are another brace of eye-catching challengers who add great depth to what will be a bumper entry list received for the £200,000 feature.

2014 Greyhound Derby Betting

kereight king101414-141214
swift keith141414-141616
sidarian blaze141416-141416
ballymac vic161616-202020
sidaz jack202525-201620
pay freeze252525-282520
holdem spy252833-283320
newlawn impact334025-404033
roxholme ted402533-404033
calzaghe george334033-33-40
sidarian teejay253333-405040
brother john404040-504050
fiery splendour503340-335050
bubbly gold503350-50-50
barefoot scholar505050-503350
droopys norris335050-503340
aclamon messi503340-505050
airfield paudie333350-50-50
sidarian rhythm-----50-
jordans brianna506640-664066
paradise silva405040-505050
farloe nutter506650-666666
sidaz pedro504040-504066
take the crown666666-505050
farloe trent665050-666666
bittles bar505066-666680
johnny kwango665050-50-80
mileheight alba668040-504050
mind the net508050-666650
barefoot agent665066-666666
brick lane666666-666666
graduation day665050-66-80
droopys odell666680-66-66
westmead alexis666666-806650
el flutter665080-665080
aero nemesis508080-666666
forest gavin668080-666666
swithins way506650-50-80
redbrick stuart-----100-
southern mesut10010050-10050100
european king8010066-1005066
blackstone marco10010080-66-66
screen critic100100100-66100100
farloe calvin1006666-100100100
jaytee barzelona666666-80-100
lough messi10010066-1006680
salad dodger66100100-100-66
el salvador100100100-100-100
bower stone66100100-806666
priceless bolt6610066-100-66
rayvin lad66100100-1006666
bubbly phantom100100100-10066100
general wolf6610066-100-100
woolie no shoes10066100-100-100
bubbly storm100100100-100100100
all about ya6610080-1006666
ballymac mohamed100100100-100-100
coolavanny fish100------
king dec100100100-10010066
lassa expedition6610066-100-100
toms knowledge10066100-80-100
ballygibbon king100100100-100-66
jaytee seville10080100-10050100
jet stream duke66100100-50-100
mountjoy rebel-----100-
melodys gamble5010066-10010080
farley champ66100100-80100100
greenwell lark100100100-100100100
pinpoint finas1006666-50-80
thats the dream-----66-
tyrur sugar ray-----100-
tyrur van persie-----100-
miss mutley-----100-
priceless sky-----100-
shaneboy alley-----100-
star ace-----100-
strategic review-----100-
teejays bluehawk-----100-
thinking big-----100-
razldazl banjo-----100-
say si si-----100-
skywalker jet-----100-
crokers champ6666125-100-66
droopys london100125100-10050100
leamaneigh turbo6612550-10010080
candlelight king6610066-12510080
gizmo classic1006666-100-125
metro jack10012566-6666100
viking jack100125100-5050100
jaytee lightning100125100-10010080
tarbrook taetoe10012566-100-100
kippers usain100100125-80-125
jolly bullseye100100125-100-66
akerview gem100100150-125-100
buoy johnny100100150-80-150
airport captain100150100-10015080
farley chicken100150100-100-80
ballymac bocko150150150-100-100
lemon laveer100100100-125150100
westmead chris150100125-100-150
bubbly charlie100150150-10080100
airmount paco1506666-100-125
ballymac niall100100100-100100100
bubbly beauty100150150-10066100
express master150100100-100100100
cashen maureen150100100-150-150
mustang blitz66150100-150100100
tynwald bish15080100-100-150
laughil george150100150-125-100
proper fancy150150100-150-150
underground paul100125100-10066150
calzaghe jack100150100-150-80
calzaghe mario150150100-15066100
greenwell mentor100150100-100-150
islas scolari150150150-150-100
hather george15066100-12510080
coolavanny bert150150150-150-150
sidaz harris-----100-
priceless pilot-----100-
razldazl pacino-----66-
sizzling bolt-----150-
teddy the legend-----150-
yeah giovanni-----150-
ballymac bobbyjo100200150-150100150
dower matt150150150-150100200
bubbly rocket150150100-100-150
coolavanny jet100150200-100100100
westmead john150200100-100-150
express max150200150-150-150
droopys ward100100150-150150200
glenpadden bolt100100100-150100200
kildare premier150150200-200150150
farloe menace200150200-150-150
de real mccoy100200150-200200150
droopys geoff200150200-150-125
guinness spark150100100-100150200
kildare fantasy200200200-200-200
kincraig rory150100150-150-200
millwards joker200200200-150-150
ballymac matthew100100100-100-66
droopys dave200200200-200-200
jaytee hawaii150150200-200-125
swift suarez-----200-
mays teejay-----200-
stay strong-----200-
borna cheyne100200200-250-150
borna karma250250150-250-200
downton flyer250250200-200-150
blackrose rebel250150200-250-150
bubbly lucky250250200-200-150
el domingo150250100-125-150
melodys midnight250250200-250-150
paradise malibu150250250-200-150
reel trickyone150250200-200-200
sidaz jonathan100250150-200-200
bromwich tom250200200-250-150
distant escalade150250200-250-150
lode henry150250150-200-150
racy thunder250250200-250-200
thatchers champ150200200-250-150
blackrose vic250250250-250-200
garryglass rodge200200200-200200250
kerris hawk150250150-150-150
kielduff blitz250150250-200-150
mr marmite250250250-200-150
savana nijinsky100250100-20066150
calzaghe vet150200150-150-125
young golden250250250-200-150
data romeo250200250-200-250
razldazl butch100200200-250-150
blonde razor250200150-150-150
millwards bengie200250200-200-150
airlie impact200250200-200250200
eric court250250250-250-200
harry the crook150250250-20080200
spirit sir henry-----250-
droopys pride250250200-300-250
delightful lad100200300-150-250
patterdale henry250250250-300-200
speed agreed250250250-300-250
confident shea200250300-300-250
coolavanny trigg250250250-300-200
casual gent250150250-200-300
barntick dupree250250300-300-200
ilewin frimley250250250-200-200
supreme turbo250250200-300-200
zero two150200150-150-150
boom boom hero250500300-500-250
wont fall behind250500300-500-300
hipower bucko500500400-500-500
up to it250200300-250-500
holdem tight500500400-500-300
aero dynamic150500400-500-250
airforce rebel500500500-500-250
droopys jay500500500-500-500
jolly angelo250500250-500-300
swift perth500500500-500-300
dragon big bux100500500-500-500
longwood fantasy500500500-500-300
benkaat nero500500250-300-250
viscount rambler500500500-500-300
ballyhoe eclipse250500400-500-250
its showtime150500200-300-250
ballymac loch250500500-300-250
dustin eagle250500500-500-300
farley rio500500300-500-300
farloe bozz500500400-500-250
brookside ace500500400-500-300
brosna king500200250-250-250
gobekli tepe500300500-300-500
an charraig500250400-300-500
son of delboy500500500-300-200
final nike500250250-200-200
glenvale stevie500500500-500-300
laughing sam500500500-500-300
longmeadow tash500300500-300-250
sparta flame-----500-
diesel senna500750400-500-750
shaneboy silas500500500-500-750
zenas elena500500750-750-300
zenas marino500500750-750-300
brinkleys queen50010001000-1000-750
tiger trooper5001000750-1000-750
cu na mianta50010001000-1000-750
caribbean riker5001000750-1000--
caribbean stepz50010001000-1000-750
winning lady500750250-500-1000
rebellious khan1501000500-500-300
caribbean star50010001000-1000-1000
frettenham flyer50010001000-1000-750
excel crash50010001000-1000-500
hillside royal5001000750-1000-500
kilara bigmoma50010001000-1000-1000
lowgate zircon2501000400-500-400
mannys wednesday2501000400-1000-500
piercestown shop5005001000-500-500

English Derby History

Since it was established in 1927 the English Greyhound Derby is the toughest competition to win as the elite do battle over a gruelling qualifying process.

Originally run at White City until 1985, the Greyhound Derby now takes place at Wimbledon Stadium over a distance over 480 metres.

In a demanding competition, greyhounds will have to progress through several heats, before the top six remain and battle it out for Derby supremacy in the final.

The roll of honour lists such greats as Mick The Miller, who was a phenomenon back in the 1920s and more recently the likes of Rapid Ranger and Westmead Hawk have bagged the crown in consecutive years.

The undisputed champion of the current training crop is Charlie Lister, who bagged his sixth training crown with 2011 winner Taylors Sky, who set the track record of 28.17 seconds in the final.

With current sponsors William Hill boosting the win fund to a staggering £125,000 for the 2012 renewal, the English Greyhound Derby is certainly the most sought after competition in the greyhound calendar.

Past Winners

2000Rapid RangerWimbledon Stadium28.717/4 Fav
2001Rapid RangerWimbledon Stadium28.717/4
2002Allen GiftWimbledon Stadium29.0416/1
2003Farloe VerdictWimbledon Stadium29.1316/1
2004Droopys ScholesWimbledon Stadium28.627/2
2005Westmead HawkWimbledon Stadium28.565/4
2006Westmead HawkWimbledon Stadium28.444/7
2007Westmead LordWimbledon Stadium28.476/1
2008Loyal HonchoWimbledon Stadium28.605/2
2009Kinda ReadyWimbledon Stadium28.6525/1
2010Bandicoot TipokiWimbledon Stadium28.577/2
2011Taylors SkyWimbledon Stadium28.177/4Fav
2012Blonde SnapperWimbledon Stadium28.658/1
2013Sidaz JackWimbledon Stadium28.476/1