English Derby

English Greyhound Derby - 28th May to 25th June, 2016

Farloe Blitz will put his unbeaten record on the line when he lines up in Saturday's mouth-watering Greyhound Derby final and Owen McKenna's superstar will be the one to beat as a scintillating sextet will do battle in the Wimbledon showpiece, which will be shown live on Sky Sports at 9:08pm.

The Irish speedster yet again blew his rivals away in Saturday's first semi-final and he will be aiming to ping the lids for one final time in the Plough Lane feature, but a classy field will line up and Danny Riordan'sRio Quattro is sure to be one of the primary challengers for the Emerald Isle star.

Rio Quattro has been handed the red jacket for the final, but he showed when chasing home Farloe Blitz in the semi-final that he can produce the goods on the big stage and has to be respected, whilst track record holder Eden The Kidwill be aiming to land the prize for Liz McNair and if he can replicate his early competition performance where he went sub 28.00secs then he has to be a key challenger.

Making Paper produced a magical run when landing the second semi-final on Saturday and if he can emulate that display on the front end then he will be another key rival for red-hot jolly Farloe Blitz to see off, whilst Tynwald Bish is the sole wide runner in the field and Peter Cronin's charge is another that has shown some excellent early pace on occasions and adds yet more depth.

Millwards Davy will complete the line-up and has been installed as the outsider for the final, but he has shown tremendous tenacity throughout the competition and can't be completely disregarded for what should be a sensational race, as the sextet do battle for the £250,000 win pool.

Result - 2015 William Hill Greyhound Derby Final

2016 Greyhound Derby Betting

Droopys Roddick1616141414141414
Ballymac Matt2020252025333320
Eden The Kid2525253328282533
Boylesports Duke3325252525252525
Coolavanny Wendy3333---33--
Droopys Awesome33---3333--
Roswell Iceman332533-33333333
Cloran Paddy4020252533252533
Lenson Panda3333334050504040
Jaytee Dutch5033404040404040
Jaytee Spartacus5033334040403350
Roxholme Barkley5050505050504050
Blackrose Buddy-50------
Droopys Tee-40---50--
Droopys Buick3350506666506650
Droopys Nine6640405050405040
Hee Haws Sheriff50405050-406666
Jaytee Jet3350504066506666
Farloe Joey50405066665066-
Forest Twilight66666650-506650
Amazing Dude66--50-5050-
Black Alder66665050-506666
Coolavanny Pat66666640506650-
Lenson Sanchez5040666666506666
Ballymac Ramsey6650665066506666
Droopys Latina6650505066406650
Camp Joker6666505066666666
Roxholme Scolari6666664066503366
Tyrur Supermac----5050--
Tyrur Van Gaal66--50-50--
Swift Hoffman66506640-405050
Ballydoyle Honey6666663350505066
Must Be Jack66--50-50--
Newinn Yolo6666666650405066
Ballinakil Clare-50------
Barefoot Ruler----6666--
Brinkleys Katie-50------
Candlelight Fire----6666--
Fire Height Tosh-66------
Mucho Macho Man----6666--
Pinpoint Boom504066--50--
Proud Graham66----66--
Razldazl Tierna6666---66--
Sidarian Vega66--50-50-66
Farloe Cody5080-66505066-
Double Oh Seven----6666--
Face The Blade-----80--
Jaytee Pharaoh----80---
Glenpadden Lord100----100100100
Droopys Ward-----5010066
Teds Last100661005050506666
Carlos Court66801008010050--
Diego Flight66----80100100
Coolavanny Rebel1008010080100806680
Droopys Nidge10066664050506666
Farloe Rumble100----100--
Paradise Maverick------100-
Peregrine Falcon100----80--
Razldazl Oisin-100-8066100100100
Cable Bay100----80--
Shotgun Harley---80-100100100
Clares Wonder100100806650506666
Roxholme Kid-----100100100
Bang On Giles100-100-666610080
Barefoot Artist100---10080--
Barricane Bullet-80---80--
Belles Direction-----100--
Bellmore Neymar100----100--
Blonde Nipper-----100--
Boylesports Jet100----66--
Bubbly Ninja----10080--
Do It For Twiggy-100666610066--
Drumkeen Oyster10066---66-80
Ela Alecko100-------
Gyp Rosetti6666-66-66-100
Headford Road------100-
Jaytee Pharoah100----80--
Oscar Junior-66--6666-100
Razldazl Rince1006666--66--
Rural Hawaii100----50-66
Scolari Sound100-50-666666100
Skywalker Archie-----100--
Skywalker Rory-----50--
Slippery Snowy-----80--
Stay Loose--10080-80--
Trade Freddie10066100--66--
Vatican Balotelli100----50--
Ballymac Mossjoe6610010010012580-100
Ibiza Rocks--125--100100100
Ballymac Brogan100-125-12566-100
Charity Buster--125--100-100
Danzey Express100125---100--
Kilara Rex----10066--
Mystical Dreamer100125--100100--
Trade Biscuit100125100--80-100
On Alert100100100--150150150
Save The Don----66100--
Coolavanny Jap150-80--80100100
Roxholme Ted-----100100100
Southfield Jock----150150-150
Boyneside Fun-----150150150
Making Paper-100150100-100100150
Droopys Vodka100100150100-100100100
Gaytime Hawk-----100150150
Jaytee Berlin-----100150150
Romany Ridge-----100100100
Ballymac Loch----150100100100
Jolly Tricks-----100100150
Evanta Fantasy-----100150150
Go Ahead-----100150150
Geelo Vegas-----100100100
Riverside Pat----150100150100
Baile Mhic-----125--
Ballymac Frankel-------150
Ballymac Ricky-125------
Coran Sky-----100--
Crossfield Cesar100150-150150125--
Danzey Exception-150------
Domino Storm100-125--100--
Droopys Braedon-----150--
Evanta Evita-----125--
Fair Taxes--100--100--
Farloe Nutter-100150--125--
Fizzypop Buddy-150100-----
Hovex Prince-----150--
Leave At Dawn-----150--
Minglers Thunder100150-125-100--
No More Brandy----125---
Offshore Bound-----100--
Old Joe Golden-----125--
Paradise Maverik-----100150150
Savana Terry100----125--
Slippery Fred---150-80--
Thinly Veiled------150-
Timaru Surprise100----100--
Tynwald Rodney-----100--
Leamaneigh Turbo-----100150100
Lenson Tiggy---100-200100150
Swift Keith200----666666
Ascot Woodie-----150200150
Tynwald Bish-200100100125100100100
Viking Jack-----80200100
Coolavanny Gooch-----200100150
Skidroe Again---200100150150150
Bansha Rooskey-200------
Blackrose Zebo-150------
Calzaghe Billy200-------
Calzaghe Matt200-------
Designer Cee200125200--100--
Droopys Five200-150--150--
Farloe Axle-150-200150100200-
Oscar Whisky----150--200
Shutthe Backdoor-----175--
Swift Champagne---150100150100-
Tinahue Pinto-----200--
Millwards Davy---200-200200150
Bramble Bruno200-------
Castell Henry66-200--200-100
Tyrur Flynn200250---250--
Tyrur Mata200250---150--

English Derby History

Since it was established in 1927 the English Greyhound Derby is the toughest competition to win as the elite do battle over a gruelling qualifying process.

Originally run at White City until 1985, the Greyhound Derby now takes place at Wimbledon Stadium over a distance over 480 metres.

In a demanding competition, greyhounds will have to progress through several heats, before the top six remain and battle it out for Derby supremacy in the final.

The roll of honour lists such greats as Mick The Miller, who was a phenomenon back in the 1920s and more recently the likes of Rapid Ranger and Westmead Hawk have bagged the crown in consecutive years.

The undisputed champion of the current training crop is Charlie Lister, who bagged his sixth training crown with 2011 winner Taylors Sky, who set the track record of 28.17 seconds in the final, but that has since been beaten and Sidaz Jack landed the prize for Lister a year later.

With current sponsors William Hill boosting the win fund to a staggering £200,000 for the 2014 renewal, the English Greyhound Derby is certainly the most sought after competition in the greyhound calendar.

Past Winners

2000Rapid RangerWimbledon Stadium28.717/4 Fav
2001Rapid RangerWimbledon Stadium28.717/4
2002Allen GiftWimbledon Stadium29.0416/1
2003Farloe VerdictWimbledon Stadium29.1316/1
2004Droopys ScholesWimbledon Stadium28.627/2
2005Westmead HawkWimbledon Stadium28.565/4
2006Westmead HawkWimbledon Stadium28.444/7
2007Westmead LordWimbledon Stadium28.476/1
2008Loyal HonchoWimbledon Stadium28.605/2
2009Kinda ReadyWimbledon Stadium28.6525/1
2010Bandicoot TipokiWimbledon Stadium28.577/2
2011Taylors SkyWimbledon Stadium28.177/4Fav
2012Blonde SnapperWimbledon Stadium28.658/1
2013Sidaz JackWimbledon Stadium28.476/1
2014Salad DodgerWimbledon Stadium28.3816/1