English Derby

English Greyhound Derby - 29th May to 27th June, 2015

Laughil Blake was a sensational winner of the Irish Greyhound Derby at Shelbourne Park in September and the top class Emerald Isle raider is all set to head to Wimbledon to try and reign supreme in the English Greyhound Derby, which will kick off at the end of May.

Droopys Nidge is another top notch Irish performer that could make the trip over to Plough Lane for the feature event on the greyhound calendar, whilst Sidarian Blaze and last year's finalist Mind The Net are just another cracking duo towards the head of what is a fascinating ante-post betting market.

Newinn Yolo has launched into the elite category over the last 12 months and he will be one of the premier challengers for the home team, whilst the star triumvirate of Farloe Blitz, Swift Hoffman and Swift Keith add sensational depth to what will be a competition that hots up and ventures on to the Sky Sports cameras in the latter stages.

2015 Greyhound Derby Betting

Laughil Blake16141012141214
Newinn Yolo25202520252020
Droopys Nidge25161625202016
Sidarian Blaze25252533332525
Farloe Blitz25282533283325
Lenson Sanchez33332025332525
Slippery Fred402540-333333
Ballymac Brogan33505033333340
Rafas Wee Jet33502525333333
Swift Hoffman50253325335033
Droopys Braedon50335050505040
Swift Keith50504033403340
Crokers Champ50404050505040
Sidarian Vega50333340333340
Rural hawaii-50-----
Droopys Streak-50-----
Roxholme Dream----50--
Southfield Jock66503340504040
Blonde Nipper50665050404050
Droopys Ward66665050504050
Laughing Gravy66666640505066
Newlawn Impact-66-----
King Dec66506650506650
Bubbly Zeus66504033505040
Roxholme Ted66335050665050
Cable Bay6640-----
Mind The Net6666-50665050
Belles Direction66504040404040
Clares Wonder33402540504050
Coran Sky66------
Sidarian Bullet66------
Glenpadden Rock6666-666650-
You Never Listen6666--66--
Take The Crown-----6666
Mash Mad Blackie66664050505040
Farloe Rumble66505033505050
Must Be Electric---66-66-
Aero Babooshka6650----50
Coolemore Joe6650-----
Go Django66---5066-
Hovex Prince66------
Lenson Premier66------
Milldean Cougar66------
Razldazl Fionn----66--
Redwood Mick-665040505050
See No Gamble-6666---66
Tynwald Rodney-6650---50
Tyrur Van Gaal66------
Viking Jack66505066806666
Fiery Splendour50506666806666
Cashen Maureen66808033505050
Maum Legend66506640664066
Boylesports Jet6666-----
Swift Seve---66-66-
Ballymac Matt66------
Barefoot Apollo-80--6666-
Drumsna Turbo---66---
La Cuchilla668066----
Skywalker Farloe100-6650-50-
Conna Trigger66506650666666
Beaming Boost10066--66--
Coolavanny Jap1005066-666650
Droopys Norris66806666806666
Farloe Calvin100-66--50-
Glenpadden Chief100100-----
Making Paper6666----66
Tyrur Tommy10080--6666-
Rio Quattro66804050503350
Aero Nemesis100665050665050
Airfield Paudie1001004033505066
Gaytime Hawk100------
Romany Rouge10010066-100--
Target Harris1006666506650-
Beaming Bucko10066--5050-
Blue Moment10066100---66
Kisses For Cloda10080-66-66-
Laughil Duke100------
Paradise Silva1006666-100100-
Vatican Baloteli1008066----
Emers Superstar100-6650-6650
Ballydoyle Honey1008066----
Curious Boy100--66-66-
Farloe Trent---100---
Forest Sara-100100----
Greenwell Hulk100--336633-
Teejays Panther10066100----
Torphin Bluesky100------
Ballyana Foxtrot100------
Underground Paul---66-100-
Patchys Kerry100100100----
Sidaz Pedro--10050-50-
Coolavanny List---5010066-
Brick Lane--805010050-
Jaytee Barzelona----100--
Fit To Win100------
Aclamon Messi100------
Ascot Woodie-100-----
Baile Mhic----6680-
Ballymac Bobbyjo100100-----
Barefoot Artist-100-----
Barefoot Scholar-66--6666-
Burgess Oscar100------
Cromac Belle100------
De Real Mccoy100------
Dedi Diddle Dum100------
Dolchino Flyer100------
Droopys Oddysey-100-----
Dungill Rocket66-66-100--
Fire Height Tosh100------
Gainstown Beaver100------
General Wolf------100
Greenwell Lark-100-----
Iceman Frank100-----66
Kilara Hey Mac----100--
La Maqina100100100----
Magical Harry100------
Millbank Stevie100------
Millwards Whitey-100100-100-80
Native Hut----66--
Neds Opinion100--66---
Painstown Chief----66--
Paradise Galaxy100------
Pinpoint Maxi100----66-
Rafas Wee Man100--100---
Riverside Pat100------
Romeo Ballistic100100-----
Save The Don1006666---50
Southfield Blue----100--
Trade Victorious100------
Ballymac Mossjoe100125100-6666-
Leathems Desire100125--125--
Droopys Jarrow10080100100125100100
El Pedro50125100100100100100
Face The Blade66125100----
Dragon Posse10012566-125100100
Image Shuttle10012566-66-66
Barefoot Agent100125--66--
Romeo Big Time100125-----
Adageo Bob100100125----
Thirteen Bags100125--10066-
Touch Tackle-125-100100100-
De Star Lord-125--125--
Honest John100125100100---
Lenson Jed100125----100
Jaytee China100100100---100
Jordans Brianna1006640-100100-
Metro Jack10010010010010010066
Farloe Hunter66---80--
Sandyhill Hitman100150150-125100100
Swift Carter150150-----
Sidarian Teejay--100150-150-
Coolavanny Gooch10012566-100100-
Leamaneigh Turbo100------
Queen Asia10080-100100100-
Sidaz Jack100--50505050
Razldazl Oisin66-5033-5040
Droopys Cortez1001508066-6666
El Flutter100150-----
Alberta Blue------150
Clokeen Stanley150------
Droopys Cairns-150-----
Lough Messi150------
Reagrove Nidge-150-----
Sidarian Blitz-150-----
Slippery Fran------150
Archive Policy--200----
Ballymac Gordie100------
Bubbly Gold100200100100100100100
Tynwald Bish10020010066666666
Droopys Odell10020010066100100-
Farloe Quest6666100-506650
Jaytee Hawaii-200150150150150-
Forest Gavin100200100100150100100
Calzaghe George10080666610066100
Ibiza Rocks15015050-100100100
Skidroe Again6650-----
Farloe Nutter--100150200100-
Bowline Bolt-200-----
Calzaghe Vet-200-----
Express Max150------
Greenwell Ace-200-----
Tyrur Arthur-200-----
Salad Dodger10025020010020066200
Lenson Tiggy661008010010010080
Ballygibbon King100150100100100100100
Diego Flight100-66---100
Brother John100--100-100-
Deanridge Pennys100-66100100100-
Soviet Kenny100250150-150150-
Monroe Hondo-250-100200100-
Bubbly King150250-----
Cabra Scooby200250250150---
Droopys Rem-250-----
Farley Champ-250-----
Vatican Gurkha200250-----
Bubbly Beauty100-----100
Opus Sky100200100-200--
Sneezys Balboa200--100100150-
Service Station100125--66100100
Vans Viking100-4050665050
Coolavanny Tyson-100-----
Thatchers Champ150--100150100100
Blackjack Django-350300----
Final Hawk-200-----
Budgie Bypass----66--
Mill Jolson---66-100-
Bolshoi Booze200500200200200200-
Bowline Bullet-500500----
Johnnys Star-500-----
Nadurra Tar-500-----
Notting Hill Lil-500100-300--
Salacres Pele150500-----
Toosey Fern-500-----
Yaya Two Pints---500---
Kincraig Rory-200-----
Blackjack Bullet-1000-----

English Derby History

Since it was established in 1927 the English Greyhound Derby is the toughest competition to win as the elite do battle over a gruelling qualifying process.

Originally run at White City until 1985, the Greyhound Derby now takes place at Wimbledon Stadium over a distance over 480 metres.

In a demanding competition, greyhounds will have to progress through several heats, before the top six remain and battle it out for Derby supremacy in the final.

The roll of honour lists such greats as Mick The Miller, who was a phenomenon back in the 1920s and more recently the likes of Rapid Ranger and Westmead Hawk have bagged the crown in consecutive years.

The undisputed champion of the current training crop is Charlie Lister, who bagged his sixth training crown with 2011 winner Taylors Sky, who set the track record of 28.17 seconds in the final, but that has since been beaten and Sidaz Jack landed the prize for Lister a year later.

With current sponsors William Hill boosting the win fund to a staggering £200,000 for the 2014 renewal, the English Greyhound Derby is certainly the most sought after competition in the greyhound calendar.

Past Winners

2000Rapid RangerWimbledon Stadium28.717/4 Fav
2001Rapid RangerWimbledon Stadium28.717/4
2002Allen GiftWimbledon Stadium29.0416/1
2003Farloe VerdictWimbledon Stadium29.1316/1
2004Droopys ScholesWimbledon Stadium28.627/2
2005Westmead HawkWimbledon Stadium28.565/4
2006Westmead HawkWimbledon Stadium28.444/7
2007Westmead LordWimbledon Stadium28.476/1
2008Loyal HonchoWimbledon Stadium28.605/2
2009Kinda ReadyWimbledon Stadium28.6525/1
2010Bandicoot TipokiWimbledon Stadium28.577/2
2011Taylors SkyWimbledon Stadium28.177/4Fav
2012Blonde SnapperWimbledon Stadium28.658/1
2013Sidaz JackWimbledon Stadium28.476/1