Greyhound Racing Tips

Greyhound Racing Tips

Our resident tipsters will be looking through the form guides to dig out those all-important winners.  Make sure you come back to have a look what they are tipping up for future greyhound racing.

Yolo To Reign In Epic Derby At Wimbledon

NEWINN YOLO sparkled in front of the Sky Sports cameras when storming to a six-length victory in the Pin Point Recruitment Stakes at Newcastle a few weeks ago and Pat Rosney's superstar can blossom on the big stage once again and is the one to be with an epic 2015 Greyhound Derby.

A gallant runner-up in the Racing Post Juvenile at Wimbledon in March, the October 2012 dog has shown that he can not only blaze a trail on the bunny, but can also battle his way through the field from off the pace, so with the early part of the competition all about qualification then Rosney's charge can continue to qualify.

A sparkling 33/1 shot with William Hill, who have a terrific Second Chance Offer, he marks sensational value in a wide open market, and if he can produce his best form at Plough Lane can be a major player for Rosney and is our star bet for the £250,000 prize.

With such a bumper field set to congregate at Wimbledon over four fabulous days of first round action, which kicks off on Wednesday, then we are treated to some lofty prices and a 66/1 shot that jumps off the page is ROMANY ROUGE, who can progress to the latter stages.

Richard Devenish's charge has only been out of the first three on a handful of occasions, and the Ladbrokes Puppy Derby finalist will be doing all his best work in the latter stages of the race, so can continue to qualify, as, providing the gaps open up, he will be challenging around the last couple of bends.

2015 Greyhound Derby Tips

2015 Greyhound Derby Betting

Farloe Blitz1416141416-14
Newinn Yolo1616142016-16
Droopys Nidge2016161616-18
Sidarian Blaze2528202025-33
Droopys Ward2525252833-33
Riverside Pat2533282525-33
Swift Hoffman4033332540-40
Clares Wonder3340284033-33
Lenson Sanchez4040334040-40
Ballymac Matt4033334025-33
Gaytime Hawk3333255033-33
Paradise Maverik4040505050-33
Teds Last5033334033-33
Coolavanny Jap3350505033-33
Jaytee Jet5050405033-25
Roxholme Ted4050503340-40
Bellmore Neymar5066506650-50
Deanridge Pennys4040504050-50
Blue Cafu6650506666-50
Ring Ben5066666650-50
Rio Quattro6666405050-50
Romany Rouge5050505050-50
Sidarian Vega6650504066-50
Swift Keith6650666666-66
Boyneside Fun6666334066-50
Dungill Rocket6666666666-50
Beaming Bucko5050666666-80
Jolly Tricks6680805066-80
Viking Jack6666806666-66
Save The Don8066506666-50
Tynwald Rodney6680666666-66
Adageo Bob66668010080-66
Blonde Nipper50665066100-66
Salad Dodger10066665066-66
Baile Mhic100666666100-80
Diego Flight66668010066-66
Jaytee China10080666666-66
Bubbly Zeus1008010050100-80
Mash Mad Blackie10066505080-50
Millwards Whitey80808066100-66
On Alert668010010080-80
Lenson Premier100100100100100-100
Making Paper1006680100100-80
Cashen Maureen---100---
Lenson Tiggy10080100100125-80
Tinahue Pinto12580100100100-100
King Dec12580100100125-100
Blue Moment100100100100125-100
Old Joe Golden100125100100125-100
Queen Asia100125100100125-100
Aclamon Messi661008066100-125
Burgess Oscar661008050125-100
Coolemore Joe1008010050125-80
See No Gamble1258010050125-100
Kippers Usain10010015066150-66
Eden The Kid100100150150100-100
Farloe Nutter100100100150125-100
Tynwald Bish150150100100150-100
Ballymac Sinbad66100100100100-100
Calco Flyer100150150100150-80
Loughteen Eoin150150150100150-150
Taranis Bolt150150150100150-100
Brogan Harvey15010015066100-100
Bruno Ya Know15010012566150-150
King Alley150100100100150-80
Fire Height Tosh150100100100100-100
Thirteen Bags10066100100100-100
Glenpadden Rock150150150100150-100
Roxholme Kid150100100100150-80
Teejays Panther150100150150150-150
Shotgun Harley200150100150200-100
Honest John200100100200125-150
Leamaneigh Turbo100200100150200-100
Evanta Evita20010015066150-100
Baliff Hubert20010010066150-125
Lemon Laveer125100150100200-125
Magical Charles150200200200200-200
View The Moon150200200100200-150
Coolavanny Gooch200200150150200-150
Dragon Big Bux150200150150200-150
Holdem Bernado150125150200150-200
Kentish Man200150100100150-125
Westmead Alexis150150100100200-150
Aero Babooshka200125100100200-100
Ascot Woodie200200150150200-150
Oakvale Rumble200100100100200-150
Soviet Kenny100200200200200-200
Ibiza Rocks200150150150200-125
Burgess Four200100100100125-100
Evanta Fantasy20010015066150-150
Droopys Cairns200100100100150-150
Van Frankie-150200200125-150
Glenpadden Lord100150150100250-125
Jaytee Berlin200250250250250-250
Lenson Jed250125150150200-150
Bubbly Ninja250150200200250-150
Swift Perth200150200250150-150
Swift Whirlwind250200150200250-200
Kentish Kane200200200200250-200
Chaotic Lynda250200200250200-200
El Lema250150125200150-150
Magical Hotch250200150200250-200
Southfield Blue250200250200150-150
Go Ahead250125150100125-150
Rio San Marino250100150150200-150
Sidarian Blitz250150200200200-150
Be Up Front250100200200150-200
Aero Inferno300200150250150-125
Geelo Vegas250300300200150-200
Thinking Big300300300200300-200
Yassoo Martin300200250150250-250
Ninja Turbo300300200200250-200
Blonde Razor300300200250200-200
Blackrose Ice300300250200300-250
Barefoot Artist300200150100200-150
Belmont Boy300300300100250-250
Global Chariot300300300200300-250
Jaytee Hawaii300200200200250-250
Jet Stream Sound300200200200300-200
Judicial Review250300250100200-200
Screen Critic300300200200300-250
Bubbly Beauty400350200200250-150
Bubbly King400350250200250-300
Coolavanny List300400300200200-200
Well Refreshed300300400250200-200
Coolruss Alpha300400400250250-250
Farley Rio400350300250300-300
Barnish Panther300250300500500-300
Jaytee Valencia250500200250500-300
Killure Hunter300200300500300-300
Droopys Tramore250500400150500-250
Boozed Miranda250500300500500-200
Ballymac Loch300400250500500-250
Affane Scolari500300400500250-250
Ashburn Lark500500400500500-400
Aughduff Murt500500500500500-500
Ballymac Cathal500300400250250-250
Ballyregan Billy500500250500500-300
Coolavanny Ester500200250200500-200
Do It For Twiggy500500500250500-400
Flemish Idea500500500500500-300
Home Raider-500500100500-500
Lann Jacob500500400250500-300
Reel Shirty500200400500500-400
Sparta Flame500500300250500-250
American Werwolf500500400250500-400
Millwards Katy750500500500500-300
Millwards Steve500500750500750-500
Sporting Rebel750750750500750-500
Swift Turbo750500500500750-500
Terminal Three750500500250750-400
Notting Hill Lil750800750500750-500
Blue Rainbow1000100010005001000-750
Boomtown Nidge10001000100010001000-500
Dromoland Dash1000500500500750-500
Fairy Prince10001000100010001000-500
Farley Moon1000100075010001000-500
Hallies Boy10001000750500750-400
Hell Letloose1000100075010001000-500
More Ideas7501000500500500-500
Old Steine100010001000500500-750
Slanestown Jacko100010007505001000-750
Swift Seve1000100075010001000-500
Teejays Airtech10001000500500750-500
Tintreach Willy7501000500500500-400
Here We Go100012507505001000-500
Millwards Davy1000125010005001000-500
Underground Ace500125010005001000-750

Greyhound Tipping Clues

Tipping a winner is always difficult, especially when the action is live on Sky Sports, as some of the top greyhound talents around are contesting some ultra-competitive competitions.

However, we will try to put you on the right track with some pointers for picking those all-important greyhound winners.