Henlow Greyhound Racing

Racing has been taking place at this track since 1923 as straight racing it was not until 1927 that circuit races began here. There is a crowd capacity here of 1000 and ample parking for 400 vehicles.

Races here take place on Thursday, Friday and Saturdays. Racing starts at 7.35pm on Thursday and at 7.45pm Friday & Saturday.

The track at Henlow is 412 metres in circumference with the run to first bend being 60 metres, races here comprise of 277, 460, 550, 692 and 870 metres. The hare type that is used here is the Swaffham McGee.

Henlow Racing Nights

Thursday, Friday & Saturday


Henlow Events

Henlow Trap Statistics


Henlow Track Records

Distance Record Holder Time Date
250m Quivers Ace 14.92 sec 07.06.07
277m Second Option 16.65 04.04.08
460m Fear Khan 27.21 08.10.10
460mh Bomber Bailey 28.20 23.07.09
550m Questhouse Ellie 33.10 24.04.06
660m Spankee Moved 42.46 25.10.07
692m Dazzle Special 42.02 08.03.09
870m Midway Skipper 54.93 13.08.09

Contact Details

Henlow Stadium
Bedford Road
Henlow Camp
SG16 6EA