Monmore Green

Monmore Green Greyhound Racing

The stadium if often referred to as Wolverhampton Stadium and racing is held here on Monday afternoons, Thursday nights, Friday afternoon and Saturday nights as well as special events on Bank holiday Mondays. The stadium is also used for Speedway racing and is the home for Parrys International Wolves.

The stadium has enough room for 1,150 spectators and parking is available for 400 vehicles. The track at Monmore is 419 metres with the first bend at 103 metres and has racing in the following distances; 264. 480. 630 684 and 835 metres.

Monmore Racing Nights

Thursday & Saturday


Monmore Open Events

Monmore Green Trap Statistics


Monmore Track Records

Distance Record Holder Time Date
264m Jetharts Here 14.95 sec 08.09.07
416m Loughbeag Roopy 24.22 26.06.10
480m Farley Blitz 27.60 13.02.10
480mh Caspers Gallileo 28.78 26.05.03
630m Westmead Hawk/Iceman Brutus 37.08 27.05.05/20.08.07
684m Centour Corker 40.60 29.05.03
835m Flying Winner 51.26 29.08.09
880m Thornfield Pride 54.79 19.07.97
900m Ladys Store 57.03 09.07.98
1104m Travel Now 72.66 25.03.00

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