Perry Barr

Perry Barr Greyhound Racing

The dog racing track is located a few miles from the City Centre and next to Birmingham City University There is space for 1,500 spectators and ample parking for 400 vehicles. The stadium is also used for speedway racing and is the home to the Birmingham Brummies speedway team.

Perry Barr is one of two greyhound racecourse in and around Birmingham, the other being Hall Green.

The course is 434 metres in circumference and the run to the first bend is 80 metres on a 4 bend race and 50 metres when the race is 6 bends.

Distances raced here are 275, 460, 480, 500, 660, 710 and 895 metres.

Perry Barr Racing Nights

Friday & Saturday

Perry Barr Key Events

Perry Barr Track Records

Distance Record Holder Time Date
275m Horseshoe Ping 15.81 sec 17.05.07
460m Velvet Spark 27.67 01.08.94
480m Blonde Dino 28.07 19.06.08
480mh Taipan 28.75 23.01.07
500m Toms Lodge 29.94 25.09.93
660m Jacks Spark 39.98 09.04.05
710m Swift Jade 43.01 23.01.07
895m Spenwood Wizard 56.97 04.09.99
915m Head Iton Jordan 56.75 09.08.07

Contact Details

Perry Barr Stadium
Aldridge Road
Perry Barr
B42 2ET