Peterborough Greyhound Racing

The stadium opened its door to dog racing in 1930 and is located just one mile from the City centre in the Ferngate area of the town and has the capacity to hold 1,000 seated spectators. 

The track is 370 metres round with the run in to the first bend at 80 metres and distances covered are 235, 420, 605, 790 and 975 metres. The hare used here is the Outside Swaffham.

Peterborough Racing Nights

Wednesday, Friday & Saturday


Peterborough Events

The following are the key races that take place annually at the stadium.

Peterborough Trap Statistics


Peterborough Track Records

Distance Record Holder Time Date
235m Rotar Wing 13.95 sec 09.10.10
420m Little Sensation 25.05 28.07.10
420mh I'm Henry 25.85 17.05.97
605m Bower Surfer 37.10 12.09.09
790m Greenacre Lin 49.61 14.05.05
975m Lenas Cadet 63.30 19.11.88

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