Romford Greyhound Racing

Dog racing takes place here on Thursday and Saturday daytime and on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evenings. The venue has a capacity for 4,300 spectators with parking available for 380 vehicles, however there is ample access of public transport.

The length of the track at Romford is 350 metres, the run in to the first bend is 67 metres. Distances that are raced here are 225, 400, 575, 750 and 925 metres. The hare type that is used at Romford Stadium is the Outside Swaffham.

The stadium was the host to the event in January 2011 which saw a triple photo finish that was announced as a 3 way dead heat for the first time in greyhound racing history.

Romford Racing Nights

Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday


Romford Greyhound Events

Romford Trap Statistics


Romford Track Records

Distance Record Holder Time Date
225m Tearaway John 13.28 sec 12.03.10
400m Ardbeg Mentor 23.56 23.04.10
400mh Glenwood Dream 23.99 23.04.10
575m Solid Money 34.78 09.07.04
575mh El Tenor 35.53 19.02.99
715m Scurlogue Champ 44.18 16.04.85
750m Killeacle Phoebe 46.64 19.06.01
925m Salina 59.13 07.04.81
1100m Cregagh Prince 72.59 10.03.87

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Coral Romford Greyhound Stadium
London Road

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