Shawfield Greyhound Racing

The stadium in Glasgow started off as a football stadium when originally built in 1898 with dog racing being introduced as additional revenue source in 1932.

At present the Stadium is only used for dog racing the but in the past it has been the home to football team Clyde FC and Glasgow Tigers speedway team.

Racing is held here on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday evenings. The stadium is used as the site for the Scottish Grehound Derby held annually in April.

The course is 432 metres round with the first bend coming in at 100 metres for 300 metre races, 90 metres for a 500 metre race and 30 metres for a 670 metre event. Distances raced at Shawfield are 300, 450, 480, 500, 510 ,670, 730 ,882 and 932 metres. The hare type used here is the Swaffham.

Shawfield Racing Nights

Tuesday, Friday & Saturday


Major Shawfield Events

Sheffield Trap Statistics


Shawfield Track Records

Distance Record Holder Time Date
300m Ravage Again 17.35 sec 07.04.90
450m Fairhill Boy 26.85 27.10.89
480m Tyrur Kieran 28.69 09.04.08
500m Droopys Sandy 29.39 21.05.94
500mh Face The Mutt 31.07 22.05.82
670m Crack of the Ash 40.50 11.09.93
730m Decoy Princess 45.09 16.08.88
882m Rosemoor Flower 56.55 13.04.02
932m Silken Dancer 59.35 02.09.93

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Rutherglen Road
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