Sheffield Greyhound Racing

Greyhound racing at Sheffield takes place at the Owlerton Stadium which is sometimes referred to as the Sheffield Sports Stadium. It was built in 1929 but the first dog racing events did not begin until 1932 it hosts over 250 meetings a year and attracts over 300,000 visitors annually.

As well as dog racing the stadium is also used for Speedway Racing and is the home to Sheffield Tigers Speedway.

The stadium has a capacity for 4,000 dog racing fans, with parking available for around 700 cars. Racing takes place here on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday evenings.

The distance of the track is 425 metres with the run to the first bend being 62 metres. Distances that are covered here are 280, 362, 480, 500, 660, 720, 800, 915 and 934 metres. The hare type used as this stadium is the outside swaffham.

Sheffield Racing Nights

Tuesday, Friday & Saturday


Owlerton Stadium Major Events

Sheffield Trap Statistics


Owlerton Stadium Records

DistanceRecord HolderTimeDate
280mSlick Citi15.77 sec21.09.10
362mFarloe Bubble20.8204.10.97
500mBoher Paddy28.4431.08.10
500mhBomber Bailey29.2304.08.09
660mRaving Black38.7104.08.09
720mSwift Ninja/Run of the Hawk42.8003.11.07/04.07.00
800mHollinwood Poppy48.2527.12.00
915mHollinwood Poppy56.2504.07.00
934mSeathwaite Robby57.8705.09.06

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