There will be 188 greyhounds taking part in the 2021 Star Sports & TRC Greyhound Derby, which gets under way at Towcester Greyhound Stadium on Thursday 4th June.

Some of the star four bend dogs from the UK & Ireland will lock horns over a number of weeks with the final six making it through to the final on Saturday 10th July, as they look to emulate the Pat Buckley-trained Deerjet Sydney, who claimed glory 12 months ago.

Buckley's charge will bid to claim Greyhound Derby glory once again, as he makes the trip over from Ireland, while there's a strong battalion of Irish dogs making the trip across the water to claim the coveted prize.

2021 Greyhound Derby Entries

2021 Greyhound Derby Entries  
Adeles Duke Middle
All About Ted Middle
Amazing Wink Rails
Angry Dad Rails
Angry Tornado Rails
Anynamewilldo Rails
Aussie Captain Rails
Auxerre Wide
Badminton Conor Wide
Ballymac Slapup Rails
Ballydoyle Razor Middle
Ballymac Ariel Middle
Ballymac Brook Rails
Ballymac Fairone Rails
Ballymac Gaybo Rails
Ballymac Kingdom Rails
Ballymac Wild Rails
Ballymac Wisdom Rails
Bandicoot Sammy Middle
Beach Avenue Wide
Betty Book Rails
Black Eyed Molly Rails
Bockos Belly Rails
Bockos Melody Middle
Bodacious Middle
Bodhis Bullet Middle
Bombardier Rails
Boylesportsbingo Rails
Boynepark Drill Wide
Bramble Oliverj Middle
Bramble Toby Rails
Brynhall Allstar Middle
Brynhall Respect Rails
Bubbly Bollinger Rails
Bubbly Jubbly Middle
Bubbly Magnum Middle
Bull Run Norris Middle
Burgess Vivato Wide
Burnchurch Mick Rails
Buttsys Blackie Middle
Chasing Landy Wide
Chasing Turkey Wide
Chelms Prince Middle
Chipping Away Middle
Churchill Holly Rails
Cold As Ice Middle
Coney Wonderland Rails
Coolavanny Kyser Rails
Coom Leo Rails
Corrin Alfie Wide
Dapper Donnie Rails
De Machine Rails
Deadly Missile Rails
Deanridge Nimbo Wide
Deanridge Smidge Wide
Deerjet Sydney Rails
Denmark Rails
Detroit Rails
Diamond Lisa Rails
Dingys Fred Middle
Doolin Duke Middle
Droopys Addition Rails
Droopys Status Rails
Drumcrow Brent Wide
Drumdoit Bomber Rails
Drumdoit Bruno Rails
Dualla Prince Rails
Duke De Janerio  Rails
Fatboys Exile Rails
Fatzboys Storm Rails
Faughan Rebel Middle
Faztboys Fury Rails
Feora Max Rails
Ferndale Nidge Middle
Forest Gold  Rails
Frankies Jet Middle
Front Asset Middle
Gaytime Milo Rails
Glengar Bale Middle
Glenlara Mac Wide
Golden Tiger Rails
Goldies Mabbutt Middle
Gonzo Wide
Great Eastern Rails
Great Name That Rails
Guiri Steve Rails
Gymstar Elusive Rails
Havana Class Rails
Hello Hammond Wide
Hilight Arkle Middle
Hopes Bullet Rails
Hopes Doggy Rails
Icaals First Rails
Ivy Hill Skyhigh Rails
Jacks Solution Rails
Jaguar Fury Wide
Jaguar Macie Rails
Jazz Toes Rails
Jirano Jet Rails
Jonno You Go Rails
Jumeirah Liberty Rails
Jumeirah Sprite Wide
Kameko Rails
Keefill Finn Rails
Kilara Lion Rails
King Louis Wide
Knighganny Lad Rails
Knight Tornado Rails
Knocknaboul Syd Rails
Lenson Bocko Middle
Lightfoot Brogan Wide
Lights Out Rails
Little Emir Rails
Little Venture Rails
Longrange Dick Rails
Look Like Power Rails
Luminous Socks Middle
Luna Rocket Middle
Magical Arrow Wide
Magical Silas Wide
Maximum Security Rails
Millhouse Alan Rails
Million Wink Middle
Minglers Popeye Rails
Mister Brentford Wide
Moanteen Sweep Middle
Mr Roo Rails
Native Maestro Rails
Newinn Hero Middle
Newinn Jacko Middle
Newinn Session Rails
Notouttheway Rails
Optic Symphony Middle
Outnumbered Rails
Pacemaker Ted Wide
Palace Mystery Rails
Permanent Smile Rails
Perrysblueeyedboy Wide
Pilgrim Hill Middle
Pinpoint Villa Middle
Plaza Lep Rails
Priceless Jet Wide
Queen Beyonce Rails
Queen Dolly Middle
Rackethall Leo Wide
Right Joe Rails
Rioja Smasher Middle
Ritzy Flyer Middle
Road Stone Bill Middle
Romeo Magico Rails
Ropewalk Bhoy Rails
Roxholme Sheikh Rails
Russian Blake Wide
Santro Duke Middle
Savana Cody Rails
Savana Darn Hot Wide
Savana Domino Middle
Savana King Rails
Savana Marno Rails
Savana Scrappy Rails
Save Me Paddy Rails
Sayyou Sayme Middle
Sharp Darcy Rails
Shelbys Memory Rails
Shelone Milo Rails
Shortwood Middle
Signet Ace Rails
Smurfs Machine Wide
Soul Warrior Middle
Sparta Master Middle
Springwell Sully Middle
Surprising Rails
Sweep The Yard Rails
Swift Addition Wide
Swift Cope Rails
Swift Jagged Wide
Swords Duke Wide
Tenpin Rails
Thorn Falcon Wide
Toast Of Sydney Rails
Toolmaker Sydney Rails
Tranwell Stallion Rails
Troy Firebird Wide
Unlock Unlock Wide
Vigorous Kevin Rails
Warzone Tom Middle
Westway Blake Rails
Zachs Tornado Middle

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