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Tote Greyhound Betting

As well as betting with on-track bookmakers the Tote offer a whole host of different bets, which gives punters the chance to bet on more than one dog in the same race.  Our list below should enlighten you on the different types of bets the Tote offer when you are at a greyhound meeting.

With a multitude of punters betting into these different pools, it gives you a much greater chance of a bigger return for your stake.

Tote Jackpot

Every live Sky Sports greyhound show there will be a Tote Jackpot taking place throughout the card and Tuesday night's Hall Green Prestige card will have a signficant pool of an estimated £500k.

Straight Forecast

A straight forecast is a bet that means you must correctly predict the first and second in the race in that order.  With only six dogs in the race this will mean a whole of host of permutations are possible and a nice tidy return can be won off a minor bet.

Reverse Forecast

A reverse forecast is a bet that means you select two greyhounds and they must finish first and second, however, unlike the straight forecast, they can finish in any order.  Obviously, this is classed as two bets as you are betting on two possible outcomes, but it gives you an insurance policy if you are not sure who is going to win out of your chosen two runners.

Combination Forecast

A combination forecast is a bet which means you select more than two selections, but you are still looking for them to finish first and second.  So, you may feel three greyhounds are in with a chance and you would put them in a combination forecast and any of them can finish first and second for you to gain a return on your bet. 

However, the number of bets increases considerably depending on the amount of greyhounds you have selected as choosing three greyhounds would mean you are betting on six possible outcomes.

Straight Tricast

A straight tricast is a bet which means you must correctly predict the first, second and third in the race in that order.  Predicting half the field and their finishing positions is obviously a difficult task, so this pool in particular can reap huge rewards as their are so many possible outcomes.

Combination Tricast

Generally a more popular bet the combination tricast means you must correctly predict the first, second and third, but your three selections can finish in any order.  Amounting to a total of six bets this gives you a lot more chance of predicting the correct result, but yet again with six bets this is usually done to smaller stakes by punters.

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  • Unlike most other offers, your stake is returned to you as cash!
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