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Newcastle Greyhound Stadium

Newcastle Greyhound Stadium

Greyhound racing takes place at Newcastle on every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evening, 52 weeks of the year. As well as afternoon racing Wednesday and Saturdays. The venue can hold 1300 spectators and there is parking available for 300 cars.

The circumference of the course at Newcastle is 415 metres with the run to the first bend coming in at 130 metres for 480 metre races and 58 metres for 604 metre races.

Distances that are raced here are 290, 480, 500, 640, 706 and 895 metres. The hare type that is used here is the Swaffham.

Newcastle Racing Nights

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Newcastle Open Events

Newcastle Records

Distance Record Holder Time Date
290m Walshes Hill 16.74 sec February 2016
460m New Level 27.81 May 1992
480m Droopys Shearer 27.90 July 2004
640m Calzahge Frisby 38.61 September 2006
825m Greenacre Lin 50.44 July 2004
895m Aayamzabella 55.81 October 2013

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Newcastle Greyhound Stadium
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