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Nottingham Greyhound Racing

Nottingham Greyhound Racing

The dog racing stadium in Nottingham is located just 3 miles from the city centre and right next to Nottingham Racecourse. The stadium can hold 1,500 spectators with ample parking for 1,000.

Race meetings are held on Monday evenings, Tuesday mornings and Friday and Saturday evenings.

The track here is 437 metres, with the first bend coming in at 85 metres for a 500 metre race and at 55 metres when the race is 700 metres, other distances raced here are 305, 480, 680, 700, 730, 885, 905 and 925 metres. The hare type used here is the outside Swaffham McGee.

Nottingham Racing Nights

Monday, Friday & Saturday

Nottingham Events

  • Futurity Cup (January - 500m Puppy Event)
  • The Grolsch Grand Prix (April - 700m)
  • The Produce Stakes (May - 500m Briitsh Bred Only)
  • The Betfred Puppy Oaks (July - 500m Puppy Bitches Event)
  • The Betfred Select Stakes (July - 500m)
  • The Betfred Select Stayers Stakes (July - 730m)
  • The Carling Puppy Classic (August - 500m Puppy Event)
  • The National Oaks (September - 500m Bitches only)
  • The Autumn Puppy Cup (October - 500m Puppy Event)
  • The Betfred Eclipse (November - 500m)
  • The Stadium Bookmakers National Sprint (December - 305m)
  • BAGS Track Championship - December 23

Nottingham Track Records

Distance Record Holder Time Date
305m Jumeirah Duabi 17.45 sec December 2012
480m Swift Hoffman 28.07 July 2014
500m Sawpit Sensation 29.16 November 2012
680m Fabulous Shanty 41.06 March 2013
730m Romantic Rambo 44.11 July 2014
885m Lisnakill Cathal 55.68 July 2004
905m Art Banksy 56.90 July 2014

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Nottingham Greyhound Stadium
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