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Swindon Greyhound Racing

Swindon Greyhound Racing

Dog racing events at Abbey Stadium are held here on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evenings as well and Monday and Friday afternoons. The venue has a capacity of 2,000 and has parking available for 2000 cars.

The track at Abbey Stadium is 452 metres and the run in to the first bend is 100 metres. The model of Hare used here is the Swaffham McGee. Distances that are raced here include 260, 460 480, 509 and 685 metres.

Swindon Racing Nights

Wednesday, Friday & Saturday

Major Swindon Events

Track Records

Distance Record Holder Time Date
285m Jimmy Lollie 15.90 sec September 2009
460m Pindi Express 27.33 February 2004
480m Johnnys Star 28.18 July 2013
480mH Greenacre George 28.93 September 2002
509m Sawpit Sensation 29.43 May 2013
685m Shelbourne Star 40.94 February 2004
737m Wise Maldini 44.86 September 2008

Contact Details

Abbey Stadium
Lady Lane
SN25 4DN

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