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Yarmouth Greyhound Racing

Yarmouth Greyhound Racing

Yarmouth Stadium is the most easterly dog racing track in the United Kingdom. The venue can hold a large capacity crowd of over 5,800 and has parking available onsite for 1,000 cars.

Dog racing events at Yarmoutn Stadium are held here on Monday, Thursday and Saturday evenings.

The track at Yarmouth is 382 metres and the run in to the first band is 85 metres. The model of Hare used here is the Outside Swaffham. Distances that are raced here include 277, 462, 659 and 843 metres.

Yarmouth Racing Nights

Monday, Thursday & Saturday

Major Yarmouth Events

  • The East Anglian Greyhound Derby (September)
  • The Pepsi Sprint (September)
  • Derby Purse
  • The Fosters Cup
  • Yarmouth Homefinders Veterans (Boxing Day)

Track Records

Distance Record Holder Time Date
277m Rotar Wing 16.33 sec August 2009
462m Fear Zafonic 27.17 September 2010
659m Centurion Enry 40.25 September 2010
843m Spiridon Louis 52.98 May 2007
1041m Some Moth 68.81 December 1990

Contact Details

Yarmouth Stadium
Yarmouth Road
Great Yarmouth
NR30 5TE 

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